Pastis Breton Brastis

Drapeau BretonPastis from Brittany BRASTIS was born between land and seas in the extreme north-west of FRANCE in Brittany, a mysterious, authentic and wild region. Land of beauty, travels and legends, covered with moors and brooms, dotted with steeples and menhirs in granite, punctuated by its capes, islands, steep cut and sharp cliffs. Channel, Iroise and Atlantic; three sleeping or unleashed seas; are surrounding this land; with amazing and indescribable colours .


Breton House JOUFFE was inspired by other major existing aniseed, before making it’s own fair and surprising synthesis. Fruit of a long work on a taste balance, BRASTIS goes further, moves the lines, challenges the palates; seduces, pleases and definitely conquers all fine amateurs and professional tasters of aniseed .

Like a secret and magical potion of the Druids’ land ; BRASTIS is entirely crafted in Brittany, with a lot of ingredients, chosen with care and precaution, amongst the most complex, aromatic and natural ones. BRASTIS has the tempered, powerful and unique character of Brittany; Bretagne in French.

The superb bottle , reusable, emphasizes the modernity and elegance of a traditional drink that is definitely reinvented for the pleasure of the eyes and taste buds.


The tasting of Pastis Breton BRASTIS

BRASTIS is generally drunk as an aperitif or at relax moments. For one volume of Brastis, we add from 2 to 6 volumes of fresh water or ice cubes; depending on the power or subtility that is expected. It is kept standing at room temperature.

Visual : Beautifully transparent golden straw Yellow

Nose : Delicate scents of anise and liquorice are complemented by aromatic, slightly spicy vegetal characteristics.

Taste : An aromatic power in the mouth which cease and captivate you to bring a first fierce emotion, soothed by a slightly spicy but, delicate and balanced feeling given by the various finest natural ingredients that make up the Brastis.


Produced and bottled in Brittany, France
Excessive consumption of alcohol may endanger your health, please consume with moderation.

Pastis Breton Brastis
Brastis, pastis breton

Produit et embouteillé en Bretagne


Dinan - France

Tel. : +33 (0)2 96 87 03 51

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