In the 17th century "The Knight de La Croix Marron" was devoting his life to poetry and distillation. In these ancient times the alcohol was only heated once.One night, he dreamt that the Demon wanted to take his very brave soul by boiling twice his head.

But, when the knight awake, by analogy, he thought to use this devilish method on his wine. The result was the creation of a fantastic alcohol that he left to mature in oak casks.
Angels are said to fly above and guard the process of ageing during which some elixir vanishes in the atmosphere. This evaporation is called "The angels share".

Grown in the heart of "Grande Champagne 1er cru de Cognac" this is the finest and most elegant result of French historical heritage and tradition but it even goes further in our 21st fast moving century to offer you a unique experience you’ll want to share.




The Cognac Delimited Region was determined in 1909 (see our map down below). The Cognac is a product which can only be produced in this area of the world.

The Delimited Region is made up of six growth areas or crus: Bois Ordinaries, Bon Bois, Borderies, Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne (this latest is in the heart of the Cognac region)
We have chosen to only use eaux-de-vie coming from the Grande Champagne area because these wines produce fine, light Cognacs with a predominantly floral bouquet, requiring long ageing in the cask to achieve full maturity, which make the Cognac Laurent Jouffe suitable to all palates and tastes, the best Cognac to share and enjoy with your friends and family.


The wine is made straight away after the harvest in two steps: pressing and fermentation
The wine is then distilled twice before it can be called eau-de-vie; this process is slow and requires a fully experienced distiller as this process will determined the taste of the eau-de-vie.
After being distilled all the eaux-de-vie are being put in oak casks for ageing. The oak casks will give the eaux-de-vie their amber colour and the time spent in them will take away some of the alcohol content as the Cognac must reach a 40 % alcohol content once it’s ready to be bottled.
The longer the Cognac stays in the casks the more complexes aromas, perfume and taste it will develop.
Once in the bottle the Cognac stop maturing as it is no longer in contact with the air and wood.

The Cellar Master

The Cellar Master is an alchemist, he or she is the one that decides which eau-de-vie is blend with which.
The cellar master is responsible for the purchase of the eaux-de-vie and looks after their ageing until they reach maturity.

Enjoying your Cognac

Cognac arouses all senses.

The view: You can appreciate its array of colours and subtle changes.
The smell: Once you bring the glass to your nose you’ll be surprised by all its aromas, once you start swirling the glass in your hand even more aromas rise up in the air; it’s the bouquet.
The taste: The Cognac Laurent Jouffe has a long finish, the longer the finish the better is the Cognac. Our Cognac has many aromas which will delight you.