Laurent Jouffe’s interest for the distillation started naturally since he was a child as his grandfather and father were both distillators. One day, he tasted a very specific and exceptionnal Cognac. He decided to share this unique experience with a more contemporary approach, for more people to discover this elegant, beautiful and subtil alcohol.

Our particularity is a new approach in terms of taste, communication, design, product environment and creativity. To exist among the big names of Cognac, which we respect the work and history, we had to be definitely different and rejuvenate the image of this spirit, while being respectful of its traditional dimension. Our main production, in Grande Champagne, 1st Cru of Cognac, gives a very high quality spirit based on a concept of  Tradition, Modernity and Elegance. All our blending are elaborated following this same logic.


All our blending are elaborated following this same logic.

Thanks to the work of our oenologist and cellar master, we elaborated particular blendings which give to our Cognacs a sweet, fruity, and mellow taste. Far from the « clichés » of an alcohol dedicated to a minimum age bracket of fifty-year-old, Laurent Jouffe wants his Cognac to touch a large male and female population without any age limit. Combining strength and generosity tanks to its flavours, this Cognac can enchant everyone. Authentic and Modern, our products are definitely a drink of today in full respect of historical tradition.

It is a new way of consuming and living the Cognac!


The Cognac Delimited Region is made of 6 growing areas (Crus), which give to the Cognacs their Appellation.

Grande Champagne is planted with vines used in the production of Cognac white wines. These wines produce fine, light Cognacs with a predominantly floral bouquet, requiring long ageing in casks to achieve full maturity.

It all starts with the grape varieties (Ugni blanc is the main one: 90 %), Folle Blanche and Colombard, selected to produce the white wines destined exclusively for Cognac production. This is followed by the traditional harvesting, pressing the grapes, and making the wine...

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