The Ron Dominicano ORAVA is produced from sugarcane which is grown to 100% in the Dominican Republic, it is then distilled on the spot in a copper column still and then also aged there in drums of American White Oak.

Therefore, guaranteed by the certification of conformity and quality NORDOM-477, it benefits from the appellation of Origin certified "RON Dominicana".

The ORAVA browns are subtle assemblages of water of life aged, 3 years, for the Gran Añejo, and 8 years, for the Reserva Especial.

The ORAVA, make the choice of a high purity and a careful elaboration, which lets express the waters of life.

There are elegant aromas, fruity, floral and subtly sweetened, reminiscent of coconut, vanilla with a hint of cinnamon, notes of passion fruit, exotic woods and delicate spices.